Human Resource Management Certificate

This information is to help with course planning. This is how courses have historically been offered in the past but it is not guaranteed.

Day represents that this is a class represented during the day-time hours, traditional face-to-face class.

Evening represents that this is a class represented during the evening, traditional face-to-face class.

Online refers to when the class is offered completely online.

*Recommend taking the courses with the asterisks below first.

Course #Course NameCredits​Fall Offerings​Spring Offerings​Summer Offerings
​*MGT 128​​Organizational Behavior​3​​Day​​Evening​Online
​​*MGT 130 ​Principles of Supervision​​3​Day, Evening​​Day, Evening​Online
​​*MGT 170​Human Resource Management​​3​​Evening​​Day​​Online
​​*BUS 185​Business Law I​​3​​Day, Evening, Online​​Day, Evening, Online​Online
​​MGT 145 ​​Human Relations in Business​3​​Day, Evening, Online​​Day Evening, Online​​Day, Evening, Online
​​MGT 101 ​Principles of Management​3​Day, Online​Day, Evening, Online​Online
​​BUS 278 ​Employment Law
(Prereq: BUS 185)

   Total Credits: 21