1. Reprimand. Written censure by the College. This written warning serves to remind the student that further violation of the student conduct code may result in more serious sanctions. A record of the disciplinary action is kept in the student's disciplinary file.
  2. Restitution. Reimbursement for damage to or appropriation of Des Moines Area Community College property. Written notice will be sent to the student requiring restitution when the student has damaged or misappropriated Des Moines Area Community College property. Reimbursement may take the form of appropriate service to repair or compensate for damages.
  3. Conduct Probation. A period of review during which the student must demonstrate his/her ability to comply with all DMACC rules and regulations and other requirements stipulated for the probation period including limitation of activity or access to College facilities.
  4. Re-enrollment Requirements: A requirement to meet with the VP, Enrollment Services & Student Success and a designated group of college personnel and/or provide appropriate documentation relevant to the violation to demonstrate the student's readiness to return to the college prior to reenrolling in courses at the institution. The college administrator will have the discretion to determine if the student can be re-enrolled at the institution following the suspension period imposed by the College Judicial Hearing Board or if the suspension will be extended. A Student may appeal this decision using the established procedures in Section (IX).
  5. Educational Sanctions. A requirement to participate in a project, class, counseling, or other College/community sponsored activity that is relevant to the nature of the offense and appropriate for the violation at the student's expense.
  6. Suspension or Termination of the Use of College Property, Resources, or Activities. A student's use of College property or resources involved in the offense, or a student's participation in activities associated with the offense, may be temporarily suspended or permanently terminated.
  7. Suspension from the College or Certain Courses for a Specified Period. Suspension can be from a class, specific number of classes, program, or a campus. The privilege of re-admission may depend on the fulfillment of certain conditions imposed by the College and/or the program. A suspended student may be prohibited from appearing on the campus, at attendance centers, at off-campus classes at cooperating agencies, or any activity sponsored by the College.
  8. A recommendation for expulsion (Section X below).
  9. Grade Reduction. Students found responsible for academic misconduct may receive a failing grade for the particular assignment, paper, test etc. or a failing grade for the course.