Payment Due Date


​Summer 2022 Due Date Information

The due date for all summer 2022 enrollment is May 23, 2022. For enrollment activity occurring after May 23, 2022,​​​ payment is due the day of registration. ​

Date of Registration​​​​​​​​​​​
Due Date
On or before May 23, 2022

May 23​, 2022
After May 23, 2022​
At time of registration



If you have any questions regarding payment options please click HERE.


Important: DMACC does not automatically drop students from classes for non-payment of tuition and fees. Students are responsible for dropping classes or notifying DMACC ​Registration staff if they have registered for a class and will no longer be enrolled. Students need to drop their classes before the classes start. DMACC reserves the right to review high demand class needs and make changes where needed after notifying students in advance of taking any action.

All students must fulfill one of the following 3 obligations on or PRIOR to their tuition due date to avoid a hold being placed on their account. An accounts receivable hold prevents students from adding or dropping classes online.​​ Students with a hold must contact Registration directly at 515-964-6800 or in person to make changes to their schedule.

    1. Payment in full
    2. Successful enroll​ment in an official automatic payment plan
    3. Authorized financial aid
      • Note: If you are unable to complete the necessary steps to receive a financial aid award prior to your due date, you may sign up for a payment plan until your aid is fully processed. Once your aid award is authorized on your account, your payment plan may​ be cancelled by calling 515-964-6446.

***It is the responsibility of the student to drop classes they do not plan to attend.***  

 Note: Payment for Continuing Education classes is due at the time of enrollment.