collapse Category : A. Instructional Administration ‎(20)
Cover Page
Program Advisory Committees
College Catalog Development
Faculty Activity Policy
Guidelines for Adjunct Faculty
Public Concerns Regarding Instruction
Student Field Trips
Cancellation of a Scheduled Class Meeting
Admitting Students to Classes
F/T & P/T DMACC Student Attendance at Workshops, Conferences or Seminars
Substitute Teachers
Final Exam Days
Faculty Performance Appraisals
Student Evaluations of Instructor
Application for Award of and Completion of Faculty Project Grant
Challenge Test Development
Online, TV and ICN Course Guidelines
Application for Award of and Completion of Online Courses
Classroom Use of Streaming Videos from Personal Accounts
Digital and Web Based Content Accessibility
collapse Category : B. Admissions and Recruitment ‎(9)
General Admission Requirements
Course and/or Program Requirements
Honors Program Admission Requirements
Appeal of the Receipt of the Honors Credit Designation
DMACC Residency for In-State Tuition
International Student Admission Requirements
Program Wait List Procedures
Enrollment of High School Students in Credit Courses
Vocational-Technical Special Admission
collapse Category : C. Student Assessment and Testing ‎(6)
General Assessment Requirements
Mathematics Placement
Assessment of Students Whose First Language is Not English
Challenge Test Administration
Proctoring Services for Non-DMACC Exams
Administration of College Level Examination Program (CLEP)
collapse Category : D. Financial Aid ‎(8)
Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress
Financial Aid Attendance Process
Disbursement of Federal Loans for Distance Education Students
Institutional Selection for Aggregate Verification
Financial Aid Department's Assessment & Determination of Unusual Enrollment History
Alternative/Private Student Loans
Agency Contracts
Posting Bookstore Purchases to each Student's Financial Aid Account
collapse Category : E. Career Planning and Placement ‎(3)
Dissemination of Job Notices to DMACC Students & Alumni
Completer Follow-Up (Career Education and Arts & Sciences)
Track Record Disclosure
collapse Category : F. Veterans Affairs ‎(2)
Satisfactory Progress for Veterans
Military Call-up of Reservists/Guardsmen-women
collapse Category : G. Student Records ‎(29)
Late Registration Protocol
The College Experience Course
Maximum Course Records
Senior Citizen Credit Enrollment
DMACC Pioneers Tuition Waiver
Administrative Withdrawal
Retention of Documents
Articulation Agreement
Postsecondary Transfer Credit Evaluations
Auditing A Class
Advanced Placement Program
Awarding Credit for Tests Thru College Level Examination Program (CLEP)
Independent Study
Alternative Credits
Directed Study
Course Substitution
Academic Standards
Registration Status Procedure
College Grading Policy
Satisfactory Academic Progress
Incomplete Grades
Incomplete Grade - Extension of Time
Course Repeats
New Start
Classroom Participation as a Factor in Grading
Graduation Analysis
DMACC Residency Requirement for the Awarding of Certificates, Diplomas or Degrees
Commencement Ceremony
Graduation/Award Conferral
collapse Category : H. Student Rights, Appeals and FERPA ‎(15)
Compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
Reasonable Accommodations for Students with Disabilities
Title IX Non-Gender Discrimination/Pregnancy and Lactation
Student Rights
Minor Children On Campus
Advisors for Students in Academic or Disciplinary Hearings
Student Conduct, Discipline and Appeals Procedure
Sex Offenses and Offenders
Tobacco Free Campus
Student Complaints Concerning Faculty/Staff Actions
Discrimination and Harassment Complaint Procedure
Petition for Policy Waiver
Appeal of Final Grades Procedure
Academic Misconduct
College Review Board
collapse Category : I. Library Services ‎(8)
Collection Development Policy
Copyrighting Educational Production
Inter-library Loan
Inter-Library Loan - Open Access
Method for Placing Material on Reserve in the Library
Library Gift Acceptance - Gift-In-Kind
Handling Request for Reconsideration of Library Material
Peer-to-Peer File Sharing
collapse Category : J. Student Activities ‎(13)
Disclaimer, Student Activities Council
Student Activities Council Guidelines and Procedures
Student Activities Council Events
Student Activities Budget
Club Constitution Approval Process
Club Funding Approval Process
Student Clubs - Revenue Generation
Ticket Sales for Off-Campus Events
Copyright Licenses/Musical Performances
DMACC Bulletin Boards
Lost and Found - Ankeny Campus
Solicitation and Recruitment
Freedom of Expression - Public Forum
collapse Category : K. Recreation/Wellness ‎(7)
Indoor Equipment Check-out
Recreation Facility Rental for Ankeny & Boone Campuses
Rental of Intramural Fields
Student Health & Accident Insurance
Care of Sick or Injured Persons While on Campus
Health Education/Wellness by Campus Nurse
Health Records by Campus Nurse
collapse Category : L. Student Safety and Security ‎(2)
Missing Student
Weapons on College Property and in Programs/Activities