Strategic Plan Timeline

​​​​Phase 1: Background Research                                         Status: Completed

  • Review current strategies, materials and plans
  • Interview college stakeholder groups
  • Industry Research and analysis
  • Present findings to Leadership team

The first part of the strategic plan was to determine our current state, do a SWOT analysis, and collect data from:  

  • Survey results;
  • Assessments; 
  • Current Strategic Plan;
  • Organizational Chart;
  • Interviews;
  • Other relevant data sources.​

Phase 2: Strategic Design                                                  Status: Completed

  • Refresh Mission, Vision, Values
  • Identify High Level Initiatives (HLI's) at the college
  • Develop overall Balanced Scorecard (BSC) categories and measures
  • Begin Data Collection
  • Review Data and Set Goals

The second phase of the process is to determine who we are as an institution, who we want to be in the future, and how we get there. 

Through this process, we will start at the  institutional level and then work down to the department level ensuring that the measures, metrics, and activities align with larger college strategies. ​

Phase 3: Districtwide Rollout                                          Status: Ongoing, Began 2021  

  • Work with departments on individual BSC
  • Regular check-ins and communications with employees
  • Finalize Objectives and Metrics
  • Begin Implementation; Start work on Individual Departments​

The next phase involves departments, campuses, and groups within the college to determine what objectives and measures your team(s) will focus on, as it relates to the larger strategic plan.