What is a High-Level Initiative (HLI)?

Project of Change

An HLI is an initiative that shows significant impact across the organization.


Because of the complexity of the initiative, an HLI has a longer timeline horizon than most projects (2-5 years to completion).

Multiple Objectives

An HLI impacts multiple units of an organization and is also intended to drive progress across multiple areas and goals.

What is a Balanced Scorecard (BSC)?

The BSC is a planning and management approach designed to achieve three main goals:

  1. Align activities to the strategic vision and mission​;

  2. Improve both internal and external communications;

  3. Monitor performance against clear strategic goals.​

What are the Pillars of Commitment?


Developing, sustaining, and responsibly managing our resources – in order to fulfill the commitments of DMACC’s Mission.​


Fulfilling DMACC’s Mission of providing accessible learning opportunities to support and engage diverse communities.​

Internal Processes

Managing the way we do business, how well DMACC runs, productivity, and quality of functions. ​

People & Innovation

Growth and engagement of our employees and our commitment to the Mission.​​