DBR and Continuing Education

​​DMACC Moves Careers and Companies Forward

DMACC's Business Resources & Continuing Education Departments at DMACC serve all businesses, industry and community members with education, training, professional development, and personal enrichment classes, seminars and workshops.

DMACC Business Resources (DBR) is the arm of the College designed to assist local business and industry to evaluate and address their workforce needs as they compete in an expanding global market. DBR provides businesses with employee training, skill development, consulting services and funding options to optimize their business performance. DBR's experienced consultants promise to:

  1. Identify specific needs to get to the root of issues
  2. Connect our clients to resources
  3. Partner long term with our clients to ensure needs are met

Working together through a proven, best-practices process, DMACC Business Resources can help companies ramp up its workforce, competitiveness and profitability!

Continuing Education focuses primarily on the needs of the general public, at the same time responding to training and education needs of local business and industry. Every year over 35,000 people enroll in Continuing Education-across all campuses and centers throughout the district. Continuing Education Training Programs provide short-term, just-in-time training designed to build skills that are in demand by employers in Central Iowa today. Whether their chosen field is real estate, health fields, or welding-or a variety of other professions- these students all seek the same thing: education that empowers them to advance or stay current in their careers. Continuing Education has been recognized for its ability to provide entry-level "on-ramps" for education that build confidence and technical skills to advance in the workplace of todaY ... and tomorrow! DMACC Continuing Education also offers a wide selection of online course options making it even easier for individuals to fit personal or professional development into their busy schedules.

DBR & Continuing Education staff work together to meet the training and workforce needs of Central Iowa. Students who have made the investment in themselves and companies who have made the investment in their employees, by participating in DMACC professional development continuing education, are realizing their return on investment-productivity, promotions, new positions, or entirely new careers!