Wind Turbine Technician Skills Guide

Recommended High School Level Background Courses

  • *Algebra
  • Blueprint Reading
  • Metalworking
  • *Geometry
  • Drafting
  • Electricity
  • Introduction to Computers

* Courses available in the Academic Achievement Center or the
High School Completion Center.

Basic Skills in the Program and on the Job


Textbooks for this program are written at about the twelfth grade level. These texts may be used as a central part of the course or as supplements to the lectures. Tests are based both on texts and on lectures.

In addition to their texts, students will be using factory manuals. Much of their work involves technical reading: charts (such as maintenance schedules), diagrams, schematics, and blueprints. On the job, they will continue to read these materials, as well as catalogues, service manuals, bulletins, memos, and trade journals.

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Communication Skills (COM703) is required in this program. In their other classes, students work in teams to complete lab projects, and they also make oral presentations to small groups. When they move into the work place, they can expect to work as team members in a maintenance department. They may be involved in "train the trainer" workshops, after which they must teach their team members about new procedures associated with equipment upgrades. In addition, maintenance technicians interact with personnel in other departments, including management, production, and sales. They must clearly present technical information to non-technical colleagues when they explain, for instance, what repairs must be made and why they need certain resources to accomplish a task. In written work for program courses, as well as on the job, they must concisely and clearly describe equipment problems, propose solutions, and document repairs made.

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Students in theWind Turbine Technicianprogram take Applied Math (MAT 772) and Applied Math II (MAT 773). They apply math skills in their other courses as they use algebraic formulas, geometry to compute area and volume, scientific notation to indicate electrical values, and trigonometry in machining. They will continue to use these skills on the job.

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Students are expected to enter the program with solid study skills. In their coursework and on the job, they will refine their ability to observe carefully, draw logical conclusions, and solve problems. Students who succeed in this program are able to integrate their knowledge of mechanical and electronic processes.

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Students entering the program should have basic keyboarding and word processing skills, which they will use in their writing classes. They should also have some familiarity with spreadsheets for charting and analysis. Their coursework will include computer-aided drafting, and instruction in using software specific to logic controls and motor controls. They will continue to use these computer skills on the job.

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