ASSET-Ford Skills Guide

Recommended High School Level Background Courses

  • *Basic Math
  • *Chemistry
  • Power mechanics
  • *Introductory Algebra
  • *Physical Science
  • Computer Science
  • Business Math
  • Physics
  • Keyboarding
  • *Composition

* Courses available in the Academic Achievement Center or the
High School Completion Center.

Basic Skills in the Program and on the Job


In addition to the required textbooks in the program, reading materials both in the program and on the job include various service manuals, journal articles, technical papers and information that is on the data base. Textbooks are written at approximately the college level. Some tests are written and others are skills tests.

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Required speaking skills in the program are minimal. Students do give oral presentations (demonstrations) in some classes. On the job, interpersonal communication with customers, supervisors, and colleagues is very important.

Writing activities in the program include the outlining of textbook chapters, descriptions of systems procedures, and at least one paper that requires research. Both in the program and on the job, writing repair order information (descriptions of tasks performed) is an essential skill.

Required English course: COM 703, Communication Skills

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The following areas of math are integrated into the program: arithmetic (basic skills), some algebra, trigonometry (with emphasis on the concept of angles) and business math. On the job, basic math skills, trigonometry and an intuitive feel for business math are important skills.

Required math course: MAT 772, Applied Math

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Problem-solving skills are essential for success, both in the program and on the job. These skills include discovering a problem, finding relevant information and putting information together to solve a specific problem.

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Both in the program and on the job, it is necessary to know how to analyze computer information from the auto's on-board computers. It is also essential to know how to analyze information from the out-board hand-held diagnostic computers. Service manuals are stored in electronic databases, so knowledge of how to use the PC to access this information is also required.

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