Agri-Business Skills Guide

Recommended High School Level Background Courses

  • *Basic Math
  • *Biology
  • Agricultural Education
  • *Introductory Algebra
  • *Chemistry
  • Keyboarding
  • *General Science

* Courses available in the Academic Achievement Center or High School Completion Center

Basic Skills in the Program and on the Job


Reading materials in the program include textbooks, industry publications, and extension publications. Textbooks are written at approximately the college level. Tests are based on a combination of these materials. Types of required reading on the job often include these same materials, sometimes varying from job to job.

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Speaking activities include various reports and classroom presentations. Speaking activities on the job vary. In management positions, this may include speaking at conferences. In sales positions, one-to-one oral presentations are often required. Writing activities include written reports and formal research papers. On the job, employees may be required to write sales tickets, monthly newsletters, and management plans for customers.

Required courses: Communication Skills (COM 703) or Composition I (ENG 105) and Fundamentals of Oral Communication (SPC 101).

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Basic math skills are required both in the program and on the job. These skills are used to calculate agricultural formulas involved in soil bulk density evaluation, soil erosion, balancing rations, figuring margins, and others.

Required math course: Business Math (MAT 112) or Finite Math (MAT 141).

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Problem-solving skills are required both in the program and on the job. These include analyzing situations, determining alternatives, discovering solutions, and anticipating future occurrences.

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Required skills both in the program and on the job include keyboarding, word processing, and the ability to use menu-driven programs.

Required course: Introduction to Computers (CSC 110).

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