DMACC RAVE Alert System

​​​In an emergency…

The DMACC Alert - Emergency Notification System can quickly alert DMACC credit students, faculty and staff of potentially dangerous situations. The system would be activated for events reflecting immediate pending danger such as a violent person on campus, a dangerous chemical spill or a bomb threat evacuation. DMACC Alert will also be used to notify students, faculty and staff of weather related closings.

How you'll get the message

  • Any DMACC Crisis Management Team (CMT) member can broadcast a voice message to be transmitted over the DMACC phone system and speakers in buildings across the district. Messages can also be sent students, faculty and staff email, cell and land line phones.
  • Messages can be sent to specific buildings, campuses/sites or district wide.
  • DMACC Alert will only be used for "crisis" level events and weather related closings.