Security Contact Procedures

On-Campus Emergencies

For General Campus Security:
Dial 5-​6500 on campus, or 515-964-6500 off campus.

For a SERIOUS Emergency:
Dial 8-911 **Ankeny Police, Fire, or EMT services**

(In the event of a complete power outage, simply dial 911 direct.)

Ankeny Police will be dispatched to DMACC even if you cannot speak or understand what is being said. If possible, voice the number of the building where you are in need of assistance clearly and slowly (i.e., "DMACC Ankeny Campus Building 6"). DMACC Campus Security will be dispatched after they are notified by the Ankeny Police Department that there is a serious emergency at the DMACC campus.

For Security Concerns: If you cannot speak or hear, dial 1111 and hang up. (This will trigger an alert for the DMACC Security Department. The location information of the phone will be sent automatically.)

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