Re-Enroll in a Course

​DMACC may administratively drop students due to: incomplete prerequisite, unsatisfactory academic progress, non-attendance, non-payment of tuition or other administrative reason.

Students will receive an email notice if they were administratively dropped.​​

How to Re-Enroll After Semester B​egan

  • The instructor must approve a student’s re-enrollment request
    • ​Use the Online Instructor Re-enrollment Request Form
    • Log in with DMACC ID and PIN.  Then, select the course/section to be re-enrolled and enter comments asking for the instructor’s consideration.
    • Once submitted, an email request form is routed to the instructor.
    • If approved, the form is routed to the Registration Department.
      • ​Student holds, if applicable, may prevent/delay re-enrollment.
    • Instructor permission expires after 1 business day.
    • After instructor permission has expired, advisors and counselors are available to discuss enrollment in these courses in a future semester, or in a late starting section when available.
  • If you are having trouble using the Online Instructor Re-enrollment Request form
    • You may use the Add/Drop form to obtain instructor permission and then take it to Registration staff in person for re-enrollment processing. OR
    • ​You may request permission from instructor via email (Instructor must send approval email directly to​).

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