Drop/Withdrawal a Course

  • ​​​​IMPORTANT: Students are highly encouraged to meet with an Academic Advisor to discuss possible consequences of dropping a course(s).
  • ​​​​​​Drops are not effective or valid until processed by the college
  • Courses dropped after the 100% refund period, for each specific part of term, will b​e recorded as a 'W' (withdrawal grade) on the student's official transcript​

  • Audit a course: Instructor permission is required to change from credit to audit. The student must obtain instructor signature on a DMACC Drop/Add form and submit the signed form to the Student Services office by the last day to drop for the Part of Term the course/section is held.
    • Important Audit Notes: Financial Aid cannot be awarded; Audit is not guaranteed; regular tuition/fees are charged; students may be active participants in the class but may be excluded in portions of the course (at the discretion of the instructor); students cannot change back to credit status after the free drop (refund period) for term; no credit is earned and a grade of ‘N’ is recorded on student’s transcript.

​​How to Drop a Class