ISU Students Interested in Cross Enrollment at DMACC


  • The program is available only to undergraduates and is available only in the fall and spring semesters.
  • ISU students must be registered full-time (at least 12 credits - not including the cross enrolled course) for the semester in which they want to cross-enroll.
    • Cross-enrolled students must maintain their full-time status at ISU for the semester in which they are cross-enrolled, or they are subject to getting billed tuition charges by DMACC.
  • Students not able to cross-enroll, are still permitted to register for the class as a regular student (not cross-enrolled). Consequently, students would need to complete DMACC Admission requirements and pay all tuition and fees.


  • Cross-enrollment is available on a first come, first-served basis. Students must apply for cross-enrollment status for each semester that they wish to cross-enroll.
  • The rules & requirements, policies, semester start & end dates, and other deadlines set by DMACC might be different than those at ISU. Cross-enrolled students are responsible for knowing and complying with DMACC policies and deadlines.
  • The Cross Enrollment application does not guarantee enrollment at ISU. It a validation of eligibility and a request for enrollment.
  • Cross-enrollment status will be finalized by DMACC, 5 business days prior to the start of DMACC's semester. No course changes, other than drops are permitted after this point.
  • The credits earned at DMACC will be reflected as transfer credit on the cross-enrolled students' official ISU transcript.

Procedure for ISU students:

1. Pre-Registration:

  • Students must make sure that the DMACC class they wish to cross enroll in will be applicable toward their ISU program/degree.
  • The current schedu​le of ​classes will be published on the DMACC web site.
  • Review DMACC semester start/end dates, deadlines, and policies since they may not be the same as those at ISU.
  • Cross-enrollment is not guaranteed. Students should have an alternate plan in case they are unable to cross-enroll successfully.

2. Registration Process:

  • Contact the ISU Registrar's Office to determine if space is available.
  • Complete & sign the Cross Enrollment Application/Tuition Waiver & list 3 course selections, if possible. The Subject, Course and Section Numbers are required.
  • An authorized ISU official must sign the application to confirm eligibility.
  • ISU will send the completed Cross Enrollment Application/Tuition Waiver to the DMACC Ankeny Campus Registration Office for processing.
  • DMACC will process requests in the order received, at the same time that New DMACC Arts and Science students are permitted to enroll.
  • DMACC will send an email to the student and ISU which will confirm cross enrollment OR explain any enrollment restrictions.
  • DMACC will continue this process until the 50-student limit is reached.

3. Student Responsibilities:

  • Look for a confirmation Email regarding cross enrollment status.
  • Cost of books, materials & technology fees (if applicable) for the DMACC class.
    • Provide course details to the appropriate campus bookstore to purchase book(s) or visit the DMACC bookstore online.
  • Attend and participate in the DMACC class.
  • Know and understand DMACC drop deadlines.
    • If a student does not successfully complete the DMACC course they may be billed for tuition fees.

4. End of Term: After final grades have been submitted, each institution will automatically exchange official transcripts for the cross-enrolled students.

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