DMACC Students Interested in Cross Enrollment at Drake, Grand View or ISU

Eligibility/ General Information

  • 50 eligible DMACC students may Cross Enroll at Drake University, Grand View University, or Iowa State University each Fall or Spring Semester
  • Eligible students may enroll in 1 class with tuition charges waived
  • Financial responsibility: books, special course fees and online technology fees at Drake, Grand View or ISU
  • Currently enrolled full time at DMACC (12 credit hours) for term they wish to cross-enroll. The 12 credits does not include the cross-enrolled course
  • Previously earned 12 credits (including transfer credit)
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or greater

Note: Students ineligible for under cross enrollment are still permitted to register as a regular or guest student. Expect to satisfy admission requirements and pay full tuition and fees at the host institution.


  • Cross Enrollment is processed & monitored in the Ankeny Campus Registration Office.
  • Students must apply for cross-enrollment each term they wish to cross-enroll.
  • The Cross Enrollment Application is not a guarantee of enrollment at Drake, Grand View or ISU. It’s a validation of eligibility and a request for enrollment.
  • Each institution may exclude certain courses from the Cross Enrollment Program. Enrollment is subject to seats available and or prerequisites at the host institution.
  • Eligible DMACC students must maintain their full time status at DMACC for the semester they wish to cross-enroll or they may be billed tuition charges by the host institution.
  • Students must ensure that their cross-enrolled course will be applicable to their DMACC program/degree.
  • Students are responsible for understanding and complying with all policies and deadlines at the host institution.
  • The deadline to request Cross Enrollment is 5 business days prior to the start of each institution's semester. No course changes, other than drops, are permitted after this point.
  • Credits earned at the host institution are reflected as transfer credit on the cross-enrolled student's official DMACC transcript. Transcripts are sent automatically between cross-enrollment institutions.

Procedure for DMACC students

  • Register for a minimum of 12 credits at DMACC.
  • Meet with a DMACC Academic Advisor to discuss academic goals, degree requirements, cross enrollment eligibility, course selection and cross enrollment procedure.
    • If you are eligible for cross enrollment, your advisor will email you a link to the electronic application.
  • Log in with your DMACC Username and Password to complete the Cross Enrollment Application & Tuition Waiver.
    • Your advisor’s full name and email must be entered in the form before it can be submitted.
  • If your advisor approves, the electronic form is routed to the DMACC Registrar’s Office for review.
    • If approved by the DMACC’s Registrar’s Office, your form is routed to the host institution.
  • If you were successfully registered, a confirmation email will be sent from the host institution.
    • You will be contacted by the host institution via email if further information is required.


If you are a DMACC student and have more questions regarding Cross Enrollment, you may contact Julie Emehiser in the DMACC Registrar's office. Phone: 515-964-6808 or 1-800-362-2177 X 6808 Email:

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