Before Students May Register for Credit Classes

  1. ​​Apply for Admission to DMACC.
  2. After being accepted to DMACC, students will receive a confirmation email or letter of acceptance.
  3. Students who are new to DMACC or changed to a new program/major are required to participate in a New Student Orientation tobefore they may register for classes.

Please visit the DMACC Admissions website for more information.​

Full Time Status = 12-19 credit hours during fall and spring semesters; 8-12 credit hours during the summer
Part Time Status = less than 12 credit hours during fall and spring semesters; less than 8 credit hours during the summer

New Student

  • New to DMACC
  • Accepted into a program/major after being on a wait list or standby list
  • Accepted into a different major after requesting a program change

Returning Student

  • Completed classes in a previous semester at DMACC within the past 3 years (not including Career Advantage or Cross Enrolled)
  • Having the same major since the last course taken.
    • Students who have changed a program​ of interest may be required to attend an orientation session for the new program area before becoming eligible to register for classes.
    • ​Returning students are encouraged to contact an advisor or counselor to verify that courses selected meet program/degree requirements
    • ​​If it has been ​3 years or more since being accepted to DMACC, ​re-apply o​nline or contact DMACC Admissions:

Currently Enrolled at Another College

  • ​Students currently enrolled in another college who wish to pick up a few classes at DMACC, simply apply as a Guest Student.