​Students should consider meeting with an academic advisor or counselor to discuss adding or dropping courses and understand consequences such as academic standing or possible reduction in financial aid/insurance.



  • Current students may add classes through the first 5 business days of the full 15 week semester (fall & spring) or full 10 week semester (summer).
  • Missed class time, before official registration, is the same as any absence.
  • After the enrollment deadline, students may add late starting courses only.


Drops are not effective or valid until processed by the college.

  • College deadlines vary according to the length the course meets. View drop deadlines.
  • Courses dropped after the 100% refund period, for each specific part of term, will be recorded as a "W" (withdrawal grade) on the official transcript.​


DMACC may administratively drop students due to: non-payment of tuition, incomplete prerequisite, non-attendance or other administrative reason.

Student holds, if applicable, may prevent re-enrollment.

DMACC will send an email notice to any student administratively dropped.

  • Re-Enrollment procedure after the semester began
    • Tuition must be paid in full or payment arrangements finalized.
    • Instructor must approve re-enrollment.
    • Online or Web Blended Re-Enrollment
    • On-Campus Re-Enrollment
      • Pay tuition in full or finalize payment arrangements.
      • Obtain instructor permission (signature on DMACC Add/Drop form).
      • Submit signed Add/Drop form to Registration staff for re-enrollment.