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DMACC Student Ambassadors

Meet the student ambassadors from DMACC's Ankeny Campus.


Hi! My name is Alexandra, Alex for short

I'm a small town girl, my hometown is Wayland, Iowa. I graduated from WACO high school with a class of 30. My hobbies are spending time with my family, hanging out with my friends, shopping, being outdoors, fishing, exercising, running, biking, and learning about the Russian culture.

This is my first year at DMACC; I'm currently a Criminal Justice student. I plan on transferring to go on and receive my bachelor's degree. I feel very honored to be a student ambassador! I chose DMACC because of the small class sizes. There are a lot of opportunities at a community college! Discover DMACC days is a great chance to come check us out and see what all we have to offer.


Hi my name is Andrew

I graduated from Ankeny High School in May 2012. I am interested in Criminal Justice and am going for my AA degree. I enjoy athletics and outside activities. I came to DMACC because it is very close to home and cost effective. I enjoy the small college feel of the campus, and everyone here is very friendly.

I am a student ambassador here at DMACC, so I help with student tours and Discover DMACC days.


Hey my name is Becca

I graduated from North Butler High School in May of 2012. I am now a freshman at DMACC Ankeny campus. I am majoring in Nursing. I plan on transferring after getting my RN to a university to get my BSN.

I chose DMACC because it's a bigger town than what I'm used to and there's a lot of fun things to do in Ankeny and around the campus.


Hey! My name is Caitlyn

This is my first year at DMACC. I graduated from Mount Pleasant High School here in Iowa in 2012. I chose DMACC because I knew it would help save me money, give me a one-on-one teacher relationship and the campus is just the perfect size, and beautiful! I plan to graduate from DMACC with my Liberal Arts AA Degree then continue onto Iowa State University to study Interior Design. DMACC's partnership with Iowa State will allow me to take a free course each semester to help me get a jump start on my major and I'll also become familiar with how things work there!

I am a student ambassador here at DMACC through the work study program. This is an awesome opportunity to get to know people, get to know the campus and earn a little extra money! In addition to this, I am a waitress at Okoboji Grill here in Ankeny; I love all of the commotion and being busy. Ankeny is a great town to move to from a smaller town; it's the perfect transition size to a big city. In my spare time I enjoy listening to music, being with my family and friends, painting, and being outside.


Hello! My name is Haley

I am currently in the Liberal Arts Program at the Ankeny Campus DMACC. I am from the very small town of Mingo, IA and I went to Baxter Community School for all 13 years, from kindergarten to senior year! I loved going to a small school because I knew everybody and there was always a lot of support from friends and teachers when you needed it. That is probably one of my favorite things about DMACC, the class sizes are about the size of my graduating class, if not larger, so I fit right in here and I am also happy that the professors care about students and are willing to work with them!

In my free time, I like to study, read books, cook, hang out with my boyfriend, and play video games. I also work at Target and I am part of a great team there. I miss living in the country but I am adjusting well to city life here on the campus and I can't wait to see where my DMACC path takes me in life!


Hey my name is Hollie

I graduated from Red Oak High School in May of 2010, and I am now a sophomore at DMACC. My major is Liberal Arts. I plan to transfer to Iowa State University or Northwest Missouri State.

I chose to come to DMACC because I like how close and relatively small everything is. I like being able to ask my teachers questions and when I do I know that they will be answered.

I am currently a student ambassador here at DMACC. I help with Discover DMACC Days, and give personal tours to high school students that are possibly interested in coming to DMACC.


Hi, my name is Kyla

I am a current freshman and student ambassador at DMACC. I graduated from Harlan Community High School in May of 2012. I plan to transfer to the University of Iowa for Pre Med after I finish completing my general classes here at DMACC.

I chose DMACC because it offers great opportunities for classes at an affordable price. I really enjoy the smaller teacher to student ratio. I feel confident to ask my instructors questions and trust that they will do their best to answer them. The Ankeny campus is the perfect size for a "small town" girl like me.


Hey, my name is Kristine

I am currently enrolled in the Paramedic Program to get my AAS degree. I am from Nebraska but graduated from Johnston in May of 2012. Being so close to Ankeny was a big reason I choose DMACC. As a senior in high school, I was given the opportunity to take classes at the Ankeny campus every morning. Now, I am working toward my degree, working a part-time job, and I also am a Student Ambassador. In what little free time I have left I like to hang out with friends and my family. There is always something to do around here so we are never bored!

I love the campus and the easy-going pace here. DMACC has all of the events and feel of a large university, except in the classroom. I like sitting in a normal-sized classroom and having small enough classes that my instructor actually knows me by name. No lecture halls or auditoriums, plenty of events, and a great campus all made the decision to come to DMACC a lot easier.


Hi my name is Mayra

I graduated from East High School. In my free time I enjoy the outdoors, camping, fishing, etc. This is my first year at DMACC. I'm currently studying criminal justice, my plans for the future are to transfer to a University.

I decided to attend DMACC because I enjoy all the friendly staff around campus, also the diversity. I really like the small classes. Students have an opportunity to have a one-on-one with the instructor after or before class. Since I'm studying Criminal Justice, I really find it fascinating that all my instructors are not just instructors but are also working in the criminal justice system currently, or have had an experience in the criminal justice field. I encourage anyone that is interested in DMACC to come visit, and see what drew me in to making my decision so easy.


Hi, My name is Rogan

I am a student and student ambassador at DMACC. The reason why I attend DMACC is for the Mortuary Science program and getting my AS degree. I just graduated high school in small town Eagle Grove, Iowa. I am now living in Ankeny and work at the Merle Hay Funeral Home in Des Moines.

While I am not at school or doing homework, I like to work with my online business (Amway), hang with friends, and skateboard.


Hiya, I'm Sophie!

I'm a sophomore here at DMACC and a Des Moines native. However, these past eight years I've had the pleasure of living in Cambridge. My family of six and 800 others make up the population of the little town. You gotta love it! I have an older sister and two little rascals for brothers. As the middle child, I reap the benefits of pestering the older sibling while blaming the two younger guys. It's a beautiful thing!

Along with enjoying my family, I love creative writing, painting, drawing, and acting. What would I do for a Klondike bar? Nothing. I'd go to Coldstone because it's by far the best ice cream in the entire world. Got to do it right, people!