DMACC Prospective Students


For-Profit Colleges By the Numbers

For-profit colleges charge more than community colleges and public universities.

$26,000 private 4-year, $15,500 for profit, $8.000 public 4-year, $4,000 community colleges 

Student Characteristics 

24 years or older

40% for profit, 19% public 2-year, 4% public 4-year

African American

21% for-profit, 13% public 2-year, 13% public 4-year


63% for profit, 53% public 2-year, 55% public 4-year

Single parent

27% for profit, 9% public 2-year, 3% public 4-year


Students at for-profits are less likely to have graduated high school.

96% public 4-year, 76% for profit, 86% public 2-year  

For-profit students take on more debt than other students. 

55% for profit, 9% community colleges  


For-profit students are less likely to be employed.

84% 4-year, 71% for profit, 78% community colleges


For-profit students earn less than students who attend public colleges.

$28,700 2 year for profit, $32,700 community colleges 



For-profit students are more likely to default on their loans. 

15% for profit, 11% public college, 7% private  

Source: Capsee (Center for Analysis of Postsecondary Education and Employment)