DMACC Prospective Students

The largest college in Iowa with the lowest tuition and fees in the state


Top 10 reasons to choose DMACC 

10. Free, personalized tutoring.  
9. Seamless transfer agreements with four-year universities.  
8. Small class sizes offering more one-on-one attention.  
7. Thousands of classes to choose from.  
6. Online classes for more flexibility.  
5. Nationally accredited academic programs and facilities.  
4. Convenience of six campuses and four learning centers.  
3. Save money: DMACC tuition is the lowest around.  
2. Quick application process - apply today!  
1. It's the smart thing to do!  

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DMACC Information Center: 1-800-362-2127 or 515-964-6200


For-Profit Colleges By the Numbers

For-profit colleges charge more than community colleges and public universities.

$26,000 private 4-year, $15,500 for profit, $8.000 public 4-year, $4,000 community colleges 

Student Characteristics 

24 years or older

40% for profit, 19% public 2-year, 4% public 4-year

African American

21% for-profit, 13% public 2-year, 13% public 4-year


63% for profit, 53% public 2-year, 55% public 4-year

Single parent

27% for profit, 9% public 2-year, 3% public 4-year


Students at for-profits are less likely to have graduated high school.

96% public 4-year, 76% for profit, 86% public 2-year  

For-profit students take on more debt than other students. 

55% for profit, 9% community colleges  


For-profit students are less likely to be employed.

84% 4-year, 71% for profit, 78% community colleges


For-profit students earn less than students who attend public colleges.

$28,700 2 year for profit, $32,700 community colleges 



For-profit students are more likely to default on their loans. 

15% for profit, 11% public college, 7% private  

Source: Capsee (Center for Analysis of Postsecondary Education and Employment)