Top 10 Things to Consider

1. Campus Size and Atmosphere
In choosing the best college for you, think about the type of learning environment where you’re most comfortable. Small class sizes help assure a high level of personal attention from instructors with real-world experience. Do you prefer large or small classes? Is individual attention available when you need it? Do you want a campus that’s easy to navigate? Do you want your college to have a comfortable and friendly feel? Do you want a rural, small town or urban setting? DMACC’s six campuses offer a variety of all. That’s what DMACC offers you.

2. Quality Instruction and Support Systems
If you have trouble understanding concepts in a class or making decisions on where to go with your college career, you’ll want to know that knowledgeable people are there to help you. DMACC provides quality instruction and our faculty focus is on undergraduate teaching, not research. DMACC’s small class sizes help assure a high level of personal attention from instructors with real-world experience. All of DMACC’s college transfer classes are taught by professors who have at least a Masters Degree. Our support systems help students succeed. DMACC professors and advisors can help you with all of your questions.

3. Majors
What do you want to study? Vocational programs provide opportunities for learning that may not be available (in fact, usually aren’t available) at a four-year university. DMACC has 75 career programs and transfer degrees for you to choose from. Not ready for a four-year university now but you may want to transfer later? DMACC can help you prepare to transfer. DMACC works with other colleges and universities around Iowa to make transferring as simple as possible. DMACC students have a very high rate of success after they transfer to other colleges and universities.

4. Time Commitment
How many years do you want to spend in school? Many students are already burned out on classes in high school, before college even begins! But don’t be discouraged. DMACC offers a wide variety of programs that you can complete in half the time it takes to finish at a typical university. You can get a quality education at DMACC in just two years. Flexible scheduling and delivery methods such as online courses help students fit college into their busy lives.

5. Cost
College tuition can be very expensive and leave you with a lot of debt when you’re finished. But, it doesn’t have to be that way! DMACC provides students with great educational opportunities at low cost. DMACC’s financial aid office helps you with the process of obtaining financial aid in the form of grants, scholarships, work-study and student loans.

6. Location
When it comes to deciding where to attend college, some people want to get as far away from home as possible. Others see the advantages of staying close to home. If you decide to stay close by, attending DMACC for example, you won’t need to learn a completely new community. You already know the area well. And family and friends will be right here when you need them.

7. Housing
You’ve picked the school. Now it’s time to find an apartment. Whether you want to live on or off campus, DMACC has options for you. DMACC campuses in Ankeny and Boone offer on-campus housing. For the campuses that don’t offer on-campus housing and for those students who choose not live on campus, there are apartments available nearby. Student Services can provide you with information about housing. There’s a DMACC campus close to where you are now and that means you could probably even live at home.

8. Campus Life
Social life is an important part of the college experience. Choose a college with an active campus life that you can be a part of, one with activities you’re interested in and activities that can help you with your needs, interests and goals. Join a club or campus association to enhance your college experience and meet new people. Check out DMACC’s Student Services page to explore more about DMACC’s campus life.

9. Landing a Job After Graduation
Once you’ve completed your coursework, you want to be able to begin your career right away. DMACC’s programs lead directly to career opportunities, with students well-trained and prepared for the future. Talk to DMACC’s faculty and staff about your future. They’re eager to help you.

10. Plan a Visit
Visiting a college campus can help you decide if it’s right for you. You’ll see what’s available, what the atmosphere and facilities are like and a lot more. Even if you’ve already decided on your college, visiting prior to the start of classes can help you learn your way around and feel more prepared when you start your classes on the first day. Set up a time to visit DMACC.