Find Your NEXT… this fall at DMACC

  • Do you want a more satisfying career?

  • Do you want more employment options and opportunity?

  • Do you want employers to seek YOU out?

  • Do you worry about not making enough money or not having a steady paycheck?

If you said yes to any of these questions it’s time to enroll at DMACC to get the new job or promotion you deserve!

DMACC helps thousands of nontraditional students, so you’ll see people of all ages in our classrooms. While enrollment is large, our classes are small, averaging fewer than 19 students to one professor. That means you get a personalized education by faculty who care about you. Still not convinced? Here’s what a DMACC graduate recently posted on LinkedIn during National Community College Month:​​​​

    Student Testimonial

    DMACC Information Technology/Network Administration AAS student
    Jeff, ​DMACC graduate
    Information Technology/Network Administration AAS
    Because of DMACC, I've been able to build my career. I've gone from hearing you have the experience but no college degree, to hearing "Wow, that's an impressive background.” I have gone from living paycheck to paycheck, to living life knowing my finances are covered. I've gone from having a "dead-end job" to having career options where salary is an expression of the value of the knowledge and skills I've developed over time and in school. An AAS degree is just as powerful as a bachelor’s of science, and in some cases, it's more powerful than a M.S.



​Options Available to You​:

If you want to earn a four-year degree you might consider you might consider UNI@DMACC. It’s a great and affordable way to earn your bachelor’s degree.

If you want to learn a skill that opens doors to opportunity and employment, consider Network Technology, Nursing, Auto Technology, Advanced Manufacturing or dozens of other career and tech pathways.

If you want to get in and get to work f-a-s-t, then consider one of DMACC’s Quick Start Careers. These are short-term programs, a year or less, where you get the education and skills to you need to be immediately employable.

​​Let DMACC change your life!

​DMACC, Life’s Calling!​