Frequently Asked Questions

​Following are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions about DMACC. To find the answers, click on the subject below the question and it will direct you to the appropriate part of our website for your answer.

Can I find answers to the following FAQs online?
Web Information

What do I need to consider if I'm planning to transfer?
Transfer Information

What majors/programs are available to me at DMACC?
Education Programs

Who can help me decide which career suits me?
Career Resource Center

Where can I receive help in selecting my courses?
Educational Advising/Counseling Services

How much will my classes cost?

What do I have to do to be admitted?

Are financial aid programs available?
Financial Aid/Foundations

Is there campus housing available?
Campus Housing

Can I get a part-time or work-study job on campus?

Is there health insurance available to me through DMACC?
Health Services (Campus Nurse)

Is daycare available for my child/children?
Child Care

If I have a learning disability, whom should I contact?
Services for Students with a Disability

I understand DMACC offers free tutoring - how can I use this service?

How do I transfer credits from a different school?
Transfers to DMACC

Can I finish my high school diploma at DMACC or get a GED?
GED Testing Centers

I am new to the U.S., is English taught at DMACC?
English Language Learner (EL​L)

Is there a career assessment tool to help select my DMACC program/major?
Career Center