Step 2: Assessment

Good News: If you are not taking a Math or Science class, Move on to Step 3!

Many DMACC programs are waiving Reading and English assessment testing for incoming students​!  Login to myDMACC for a full list of admission requirements. 

What to Do

If you plan to take a Math or Science class this fall:

  • Complete the ALEKS Assessment online if you plan to take a Math or Science class.
    Start now button.
  •  Take the LASSI assessment​ to learn which of your college-ready study skills are strong and which could use attention (optional)

What to Expect

You will receive a results screen immediately after taking the ALEKS Assessment.

Note: You can take ALEKS up to four additional times to improve your score. There are also practice tests.




Have the ALEKS Score you want?  Go to Step 3: Orientation & Registration