Wastewater Treatment and Collection System Technology, Diploma

Diploma Program

The Wastewater Treatment and Collection System Technology diploma is designed to address the education requirements of both operators working in the wastewater industry and students interested in entering the wastewater industry. This diploma is the starting point for people who are interested in a career in the wastewater field and will prepare them for entry-level employment. This program emphasizes hands-on experience and instruction. An internship is required.

The AAS degree program is designed to build on this diploma to prepare current operators and students to be more comprehensive and valuable employees by giving them the knowledge and the skills to work on processes, equipment, controls and to troubleshoot.

This program provides training and educational experiences that will prepare you for wastewater certification examinations. Work experience requirements must be met before you are eligible to take an examination for certification. Be sure to refer to the certifying body in your area to determine eligibility. In Iowa, In Iowa, visit the DNR website.

Program entry requirements:

  1. Complete an application for admission.
  2. Attend any required information/registration session.
  3. Complete a high school biology course or equivalent with a "C" or higher.

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These credits are applicable to the Water and Wastewater Technology Diploma and the AAS degree in Water Environmental Technology.

Total Credits Required to Complete This Diploma: 38