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Ankeny Campus

CRNCourse #SecCreditsTitleSeats AvailWL CapWL ActWL RemDaysStart TimeEnd TimeInstructorStart DateEnd DateLocationCost
23083WAT102WB14Water and Wastewater Maint
Meets at Ankeny campus for scheduled portion.
315015 Obernolte,Scott01/13/2005/07/20Web Blended-WEBTuition
R 05:10PM09:25PMObernolte,Scott01/16/2005/07/20Ankeny-Bldg 3W-14
R 05:10PM09:25PMObernolte,Scott01/16/2005/07/20Ankeny-Bldg 3W-20
R 05:10PM09:25PMObernolte,Scott01/16/2005/07/20Ankeny-Bldg 3W-51
23123WAT309WB14Water Dist Sys I
415015 Kleppe,Trevor01/13/2005/07/20Web Blended-WEBTuition
T 12:50PM04:00PMKleppe,Trevor01/14/2005/05/20FFA Center- Ankeny Campus-255
23084WAT310WB14WW Collection Sys I
Meets at Des Moines WRF for schedule portion.
915015 Smith,Adam01/13/2005/07/20Web Blended-WEBTuition
T 05:10PM08:20PMSmith,Adam01/14/2005/05/20FFA Center- Ankeny Campus-255
23124WAT313WB14Water Distribution Systems II
Meets at Ankeny campus for scheduled portion. Prerequisite: WAT 309.
1115015 R Kleppe,Trevor01/13/2005/07/20Web Blended-WEBTuition
R 12:50PM04:00PMKleppe,Trevor01/16/2005/07/20FFA Center- Ankeny Campus-213
23470WAT314WB14Wastewater Collection Sys II
Meets at Ankeny campus for scheduled portion. Prerequisite: WAT 310.
1115015 Kleppe,Trevor01/13/2005/07/20Web Blended-WEBTuition
R 05:10PM08:20PMKleppe,Trevor01/16/2005/07/20FFA Center- Ankeny Campus-255
23085WAT330WB14Water and Wastewater Analysis
Meets at Ankeny campus for scheduled portion. Prerequisite: WAT 304 or Pre-requisite: WAT 307.
1015015 Erickson,Alissa01/13/2005/07/20Web Blended-WEBTuition
M 05:10PM09:25PMErickson,Alissa01/13/2005/04/20FFA Center- Ankeny Campus-255

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