Video Production Program

Corporate . . . to Ad Agency . . . to Hollywood!

Consider an Exciting Career in ​Video Production

 DMACC’s Video Production Program:

  • Hands-on, with state-of-the-art equipment (New 4K cameras)
  • Real client work
  • Prepares you for employment
  • Affordable tuition

Get ready for a hands-on, immersive experience using state-of-the-art 4K and 1080 video cameras, LED, Tungsten, HMI and fluorescent lights, the latest digital audio equipment and highly experienced instructors in all of the Video Production courses at DMACC. 

Which program is for you?

Loading...Video Production, AAS

The degree program will prepare you for employment as a video producer, videographer, camera operator, grip/electrician, sound mixer, editor, or motion graphic designer. You'll learn basic and advanced knowledge in video production for corporate videos, commercials, training videos, narratives, documentaries, music videos, news videography, video editing, motion graphics, sound recording, editing and design. You will also gain a broad understanding of standard industry techniques while developing your own personal style.

Current industry state-of-the-art equipment, software and techniques are utilized with a large emphasis on hands-on experience. You will learn to communicate with customers, fellow students and consider social and environmental issues in the context of your work.

Loading...Video Production, Certificate

This short-term credit certificate provides the latest information you need to function more effectively in your video job, and to update your skills for employment possibilities​​​. It will provide an employer with evidence of your continued education in a specific occupational area.

The education you gain will broaden your skills and increase your ability to function in a given area. No prior video production or editing experience is required. It gives a basic understanding of video equipment and software skills used in the video production industry today.

The courses in this certificate program are the building blocks needed to provide a solid foundation, preparing you to enter the world of video production.

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