Considering training for a career in Video Production? Hear from two DMACC Video Production alumni: Caleb Harris, who works in video production in Los Angeles and is currently bringing a movie back to Iowa to produce; and Gabe Tejeda, who currently works in visuals at Principal Financial Group.

​​​​​Here's what former DMACC Video Production students have to say about the program.​

Lori Drafahl

Lori Drafahl

Writer and Videographer, Drafahl Design Company

It was the hands-on aspect of the program that gave us the ability to grow quickly in our learning and end up with a confident understanding of the skills required for video production. Steve pushed us to be independent, responsible video professionals who could handle every stage of the production process.

Richard Swearinger

Freelance Videographer

One of the best aspects of the class was its thoroughness—because I know how to do everything from pre-planning to shooting to editing, I have the skill set and confidence to take on just about any job out there.

Robert Whicker

Robert Whicker

Graphic Designer, Meredith Corporation
The program was great for me because it helped me recognize my strengths and weaknesses in the production process. This has helped me focus more clearly on what I want to do with video, moving forward. Having the certificate has also opened some doors to allow me to pursue production jobs.
Andrea Markowski

Andrea Markowski

Formerly with Gannett Corporation, Freelance Videographer and Still Photographer

Steve is an excellent instructor. He has years of experience working on all kinds of shoots – you can tell he’s the real deal. We learned the most with the hands-on video shoots. His patience was amazing! I also loved the LA stories, the Teamster stories, working with celebrities, and pretty much every story he has. Steve also brought in specialists to do deep dives into areas like color correction, editing, and more.​

Corey Henderson

Freelance Grip/Electric/Driver/Camera Operator

I have always had this desire to make movies, but never pursued the education until DMACC started this program. After taking these classes I realized how much better I can make movies, commercials, and videos. I have learned not only the technical side of the business, but the storytelling side also. When I started these classes I was an amateur, but now I can honestly and with confidence say that I can produce videos professionally.​

Emily McCurdy

Freelance Producer and Crew
Prior to taking the class, I had graduated from the University of Iowa where I majored in Cinema and English. I found Steve’s class to be very beneficial. While UI classes dealt mostly with theory and craft, the video program at DMACC also focused on the business aspect of the video industry…. I felt that the learning environment at DMACC was more geared toward what collaboration and film making as a career is like. Video projects were class projects where every student had a designated role, just like on an actual set…. Compared to other classes that I’ve taken at DMACC, I feel that this one allowed me to grow the most, and while I found classes at Iowa to be educational overall, Steve taught us many more aspects of production that are practical and applicable to real world experiences.​