Now Shooting in 4K!

​New technology designed to give students an advantage in the job market.

DMACC Video Production Program students are training using 4K cameras.

4K camera technology, similar to 4K TVs and 4K projectors, has the ability to produce extremely detailed photos or videos. Another term for 4K is Ultra High Definition (UHD).

“4K has become the industry standard in both film and video production,” said Steven Schott, DMACC’s Video Production Instructor. “These new, state-of-the-art professional video cameras will introduce students to this technology and it will give them a competitive edge in the job market over other college and university video programs that use older equipment,” said Schott.

The DMACC Instructor said his students will also get training on how to improve production workflow and learn how to better communicate with fellow professionals and clients.

“Our overall goal is to provide students with practical, hands on experience to help them get a job in this competitive industry,” stressed Schott.

The new equipment includes: two new Canon EOS C200B Ultra HD Super 35 4K Video cameras, two Canon EOS 5D Mark IV 4K DSLR cameras and three DJI Osmo Handheld 3-axis Gimbal 4K cameras.