Required Courses

​As part of the Liberal Arts AA, students are to incorporate the following program courses:


​UNI Course Number​DMACC Course Number
EDPSYCH 2030​PSY 121 Developmental Psychology
​COMM 1000​SPC 101 Fundamentals of Oral Communication  
SPC 122 Interpersonal Communication          
​ENGLISH 1005​ENG 105 Composition I and ENG 106 Composition II
ENG 105 Composition I and ENG 108 Comp II: Technical Writing
​MATH 1204​MAT 114 Math for Elementary Educators I
​LITED 1044​LIT 105 Children’s Literature
​TEACHING 2017​EDU 213 (old course) Introduction to Education
EDU 218 Field Experience #
#EDU 210 Foundations of Education is the prerequisite to EDU218
​EDPSYCH 3148​PSY 281 Educational Psychology
​MATH 3204​MAT 116 Math for Elementary Educators II
​SPED 3150​EDU 245 Exceptional Learners
​HUM 3121-3128*​GLS 199, GLS 200, GLS 220, GLS 230, or HIS 216
SCIED 1300*** (Physical Science)​CHM 122 Intro to General Chemistry
PHY 106 Survey of Physics
PHY 160 General Physics I (recommended)
Any course that transfers to UNI with a CHEM or PHYSICS prefix
SCIED 1200*** (Life Science)​BIO 112 General Biology I (recommended)
Any course that transfers to UNI with a BIOL prefix
SCIED 1100*** (Earth/Space Science)​PHS 152 Astronomy
PHS 166 Meteorology, Weather & Climate (recommended)
UNI does NOT accept ENV 115 & 116 for this requirement
History course​HIS 112, 113, 150, 153, 257 (recommended)
Any DMACC HIS course EXCEPT HIS 216, 249, 280
Geography course​GEO 111 Intro to Geography (recommended)
Any course that transfers to UNI with GEOG prefix
Political Science course​POL 111 American National Government (recommended)
Any course that transfers to UNI with POL AMER,
 POL COMP, or POL INTL prefix

*Not required by Post-BA Second BA student

***There are no DMACC courses that transfer exactly equivalent to the UNI SCI ED courses.  Information is provided on how these specific requirements may be satisfied by DMACC transfer courses including a list of “recommended" DMACC courses.



The AA degree satisfies UNI's general education requirements, except for the Non-Western Cultures requirement. The Non-Western Cultures requirement (HUM 3121-3128) must be completed at DMACC as noted above.

If the AA degree is completed from DMACC, the PE requirement is waived. If the AA degree is not from DMACC, a degree audit must be completed to determine if any program requirements are unfulfilled and which requirements will need to be completed before the student enters the program. UNI does not accept an AA degree from out of state as meeting the UNI Liberal Arts Core requirements.

NOTE: Having an AA degree is NOT a guarantee that you have met all requirements for the Elementary Education program.

For information on UNI's Teacher Education Program admission requirements, please visit UNI's Teacher Education website​.


Areas of Concentration

Areas of Concentration are available through DMACC for a total of 12-24 credits each. UNI waives total number of hours they will accept in transfer credit so students can complete one or more areas of concentration (as per IA Board of Education) through DMACC, if so desired.

The following provides an outline of the courses required for DMACC's Liberal Arts AA degree along with the courses students should choose to meet UNI's 2+2 program requirements:


ENG 105 Composition I - 3 credits *EL/A

ENG 106 Composition II - 3 credits

SPC 101 Fundamentals of Oral Communication - 3 credits *EL/A


SPC 122 Interpersonal Communication - 3 credits


B. SOCIAL SCIENCES 9 credits (will have an extra credit that will carry over to electives below)

GEO 111 Intro to Geography – 3 credits

POL 111 American National Government - 3 credits

And ONE of the following:  4 credits *SS

HIS 150 U.S. History to 1877 OR

HIS 153 U.S. History since 1877 OR  

HIS 112 Western Civ: Ancient to Early Modern OR

HIS 113 Western Civ: Early Modern to Present  


C. MATH/ and SCIENCE  9 credits

MAT 114 Math for Elementary Educators I - 3 credits

MAT 116 Math for Elementary Educators II - 3 credits

And ONE of the following:

BIO 156 Human Biology w/lab - 3 credits *Sci OR

BIO 104 Intro to Biology - 3 credits OR

BIO 112 General Biology I – 4 credits


D. HUMANITIES 9 credits

Choose any core Humanities courses for a total of 9 credits.

Students interested in an English Language Arts endorsement should take ONE of the following within the required 9 credits:

LIT 110 American Literature to Mid 1800's - 3 credits *EL/A OR

LIT 111 American Literature since Mid 1800's - 3 credits *EL/A

 Note: Students who graduated from high school in 1989 or after need 2 years of a foreign language to graduate from UNI. Students who need to fulfill this requirement must take their foreign language from DMACC.


E. DISTRIBUTED 10 credits (will have 1-2 extra credits that will carry over to electives below)

SDV 108 The College Experience - 1 credit

PSY 121 Developmental Psychology -  3 credits *SS AND

PHS 152 Astronomy  - 4 credits *Sci OR PHS 166 Meteorology, Weather & Climate - 4 credits

And ONE of the following:

CHM 105 Survey of Chemistry 3 credits *Sci OR

CHM 122 Introduction to General Chemistry 4 credits *Sci OR

PHY 106 Survey of Physics 4 credits *Sci


F. ELECTIVES 18 credits (will have extra credits from Social Sciences and Distributed that will apply here)

PSY 281 Educational Psychology - 3 credits

LIT 105 Children's Literature - 3 credits *EL/A

EDU 210 Foundations of Education - 3 credits

EDU 218 Field Experience – 2 credits

EDU 245 Exceptional Learners - 3 credits

And ONE of the following:

GLS 199 Japan – 3 credits OR

GLS 200 Country Study - 3 credits OR

GLS 220 Middle East & Islam - 3 credits OR

GLS 230 Latin America – 3 credits OR

HIS 216 History of Modern Russia – 4 credits


* classes that also count toward a specific endorsement or are required for select endorsements

Students must have completed their science classes prior to taking 820:140, the capstone class.

A GPA of 2.5 or higher is required in order to enter the Elementary Education Program. This applies to the coursework completed at DMACC and any other colleges or universities.