Program Admissions


To be eligible for the 2+2 program, you must follow the normal application procedures.


  • File either the APP or undergraduate admissions application to UNI (be sure to state you are a 2+2 student!)
  • Send ALL transcripts to the Enrollment Services: Admissions Office
    Transfer Students: Please include high school transcripts and ALL colleges attended.
    Enrollment Services: Admissions • 002 Gilchrist Hall • University of Northern Iowa • Cedar Falls, IA 50614-0018
    Phone: (800) 772-2037 or (319) 273-2281 • Fax: (319) 273-2885 • E-Mail:

Students transferring to Northern Iowa from another college or university must meet or exceed the following combination of grade point and total semester hours to be admissible:

Transfer Semester Credit Hours Grade Point Needed
60 or more 2.00
*Applicants transferring fewer than 24 semester hours must also meet the admissions requirements for students entering UNI directly from high school.

Transfer applicants will generally not be admitted if they do not meet the minimum combination of the grade point average and total semesters outlined above or if they are on academic suspension at the last college attended. Transfer applicants under disciplinary suspension will not be considered for admission until further information concerning the reason for the suspension has been received from the assigning college.

The Department of Teacher Education has additional entrance requirements, which includes higher GPA standards than outlined by overall University admission policies. Therefore, it is possible for students to be eligible for admission to the University, but not meet entrance requirements for their education major. For more information, please refer to UNI’s Teacher Education Department.​