Elementary Education Program

The UNI/DMACC teacher education program is singly focused on the offering of a course sequence at DMACC Ankeny, Boone and Carroll Campuses that will lead to a degree from the UNI in Elementary Education.

Program Requirements

All students must meet the regular requirements as specified by the University of Northern Iowa. This will include:

  1. The students will move through the program in groups called cohorts.
  2. Completion of an AA degree or equivalent course work.
  3. Enter UNI with a minimum 2.5 GPA.
  4. Tuition will be the regular UNI tuition for UNI classes and DMACC tuition for DMACC classes.
  5. Program and course requirements will be the same as those required of UNI campus- based students.
  6. Minimum of 130 credits : 74 DMACC, 56 UNI.
  7. Satisfactory completion of PRAXIS I for admission to Teacher Ed.
  8. Satisfactory completion of PRAXIS II before graduation for licensure recommendation.
  9. Maintain 2.5 GPA throughout program.
  10. All methods of teaching classes must be taken from UNI - no exceptions.
  11. To graduate with honors from UNI a total of 60 UNI credits must be completed.
  12. Completion of either the Middle Level major plus 2 endorsements OR just completing 1 or more endorsement.

More Information