Areas of Concentration are available through DMACC for a total of 12-24 credits each.
Students completing the AA degree are also satisfying UNI general education requirements, as well as some major requirements for Elementary Ed. As part of the AA, students are to incorporate the following program courses:

  1. Three (3) Science classes, per UNI breakdown;a Life Science (BIO 104 or BIO 156), a Physical Science (CHM 105 or PHY 106), and an Earth or Space Science (PHS 152).
  2. Developmental Psychology (PSY 121), is required for UNI
  3. Educational Psychology (PSY 281), is required for UNI
  4. Non-Western Cultures class (GLS 200 or GLS 220), is required for graduation from UNI
  5. Children's Literature (LIT 105), is required for UNI
  6. Elementary Educators Math I (MAT 114), is required for UNI. (Must be a "C" or higher)
  7. Elementary Educators Math II (MAT 116), is required for UNI, and must be taken from Tim Rial.
  8. The College Experience (SDV 108) is required by DMACC for graduation
  9. Intro to Education (EDU 213), is required for UNI. (Must be a "C" or higher)
  10. Exceptional Learners (EDU 245), is required for UNI.
  • UNI waives total number of hours they will accept in transfer credit so students can complete one or more areas of concentration (as per IA Board of Education) through DMACC, if so desired.
  • If the AA is completed from DMACC, the PE requirement is waived. If the AA degree is not from DMACC, a degree audit must be completed to determine if any program requirements are unfulfilled and which will need to be completed before the student enters the program. NOTE: Having an AA from another community college is NOT a guarantee that you have met all requirements for the Elementary Education program.
  • UNI does not accept an AA degree from out of state as meeting the UNI Liberal Arts Core requirements
  • For a copy of the DMACC AA COMPLETION PLAN FOR 2+2 UNI EL ED, please contact your campus advisor.
  • Students must have competed ENG 106 and SPC 101 (or 126) satisfactorily (C or higher) in order to apply to UNI's Teacher Ed program.
  • Students must have completed all 3 DMACC science classes BEFORE they may take the UNI capstone class.
  • A GPA of 2.5 or higher, is required in order to enter the UNI Teacher Ed program!! You must also maintain a GPA of 2.5 or higher while with UNI. This GPA requirement applies to any coursework completed at any other college or University as well, as UNI transfers in your GPA, in addition to credits.

9 credits

ENG 105 Composition I - 3 credits *EL/A
ENG 106 Composition II - 3 credits
SPC 101 Fundamentals of Oral Communication - 3 credits *EL/A OR
SPC 126 Interpersonal & Small Grp Comm - 3 credits

10 credits

PSY 111 Introduction to Psychology - 3 credits *SS
HIS 150 or 153 or HIS 113 or HIS 112 Western Civ: Ancient to Early Modern - 4 credits *SS
POL 111 American National Government - 3 credits
10-12 credits 

MAT 114 Math for Elementary Educators I - 4 credits
MAT 116 Math for Elementary Educators II (MUST be taken from Tim Rial) - 4 credits
 And either:
BIO 156 Human Biology w/lab - 3 credits *Sci OR
BIO 104 Intro to Biology - 3 credits 

D. HUMANITIES 10 credits 
LIT 110 American Literature to Mid 1800's - 3 credits *EL/A Or
LIT 111 American Literature since Mid 1800's - 3 credits *EL/A Or
 And 2 of the following: 
ART 101 Art Appreciation - 3 credits OR
DRA 101 Intro to Theater - 3 credits OR
MUS 100 Music Appreciation - 3 credits OR
LIT 101 Intro to Literature - 3 credits OR
LIT 142 Major British Writers - 3 credits OR
LIT 185 Contemporary Literature - 3 credits OR
PHI 101 Introduction to Philosophy - 3 credits OR
PHI 105 Ethical Problems - 3 credits OR
REL 101 Survey of World Religions - 3 credits

Note: anyone graduating high school in 1989 and after, MUST have had 2 years of a foreign language to graduate from UNI. If they need to fulfill this requirement, they must take their foreign language from DMACC.
E. DISTRIBUTIVE 10-11 credits 
SDV 108 The College Experience 1 credit
PSY 121 Developmental Psychology 3 credits *SS AND 
GEO 111 Intro to Geography 3 credits 
PHS 152 Astronomy 4 credits *Sci AND one of the following& 
CHM 122 Introduction to General Chemistry 4 credits *Sci OR 
CHM 105 Survey of Chemistry 3 credits *Sci OR 
PHY 106 Survey of Physics 3 credits *Sci 

F. ELECTIVES 18-21 credits

SDV 108 The College Experience - 1 credit
PSY 281 Educational Psychology - 3 credits
LIT 105 Children's Literature - 3 credits *EL/A
EDU 213 Intro to Education - 3 credits
EDU 245 Exceptional Learners - 3 credits AND one of the following
GLS 200 China - 3 credits OR
GLS 220 Middle East/Islam - 3 credits
* classes that also count toward a specific endorsement or are required for select

Students must have completed their science classes prior to taking 820:140, the capstone class.

A GPA of 2.5 or higher is required in order to enter the Elementary Education Program! This applies to the coursework completed at DMACC and any other colleges or universities.