Required Courses

​As part of the Liberal Arts AA or Elementary Education AA, students are to incorporate the following program courses:


​UNI Course Number​DMACC Course Number
​PSY 121: Developmental Psychology
​LITED 1044
​LIT 105: Children's Literature                       
​EDU 218: Initial Field Experience (DMACC prerequisite: EDU 210)
​PSY 281: Educational Psychology
​MATH 1204
​MAT 114: Math for Elementary Teachers
​MATH 2204
​MATH 116 (DMACC ONLY): Math for Elementary Teachers II
​SPED 3150
​EDU 245: Exceptional Learner
​EDU 255: Technology in the Classroom (also 2+2 schedule)
​SCIED 1300***
(Physical Science)
​CHM 105: Survey of Chemistry
Any course that transfers to UNI with a CHEM or PHYSICS prefix
SCIED 1200***
(Life Science)
​BIO 112: General Biology
Any course that transfers to UNI with a BIOL prefix
SCIED 1100***
(Earth/Space Science)
​PHS 152: Astronomy
or PHS 166: Meteorology/Weather/Climate
UNI does not accept ENV 115 & 116 for this requirement
Social Science Requirement - 9 credits (choose 1 class from 3 different curricular areas): PSY 121 meets one area, so only 2 additional areas required.
Political Science 
Psychology - met with PSY 121​
​HIS 110, 111, ​151, 152, 257 Any HIS course except HIS 216, 249, 280
GEO 111 Any course that transfers with GEOG prefix
POL 111 Any course that transfers with POL AMER prefix
Any course that transfers with ECON prefix
Any course that transfers with PSYCH prefix
Any course that transfers with SOC prefix
Language other than English Requirement - 6 credits (choose 1 language and take consecutive courses):
Options: Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, & Spanish
​FLA 141 & 142, FLC 141 & 142, FLF 151 & 152, FLG 141 & 142, FLI 141 & 142, FLJ 141 & 142, or FLS 151 & 152
Two years of High School will satisfy

*Not required by Post-BA Second BA student

***There are no DMACC courses that transfer exactly equivalent to the UNI SCI ED courses. Information is provided on how these specific requirements may be satisfied by DMACC transfer courses including a list of “recommended" DMACC courses.


Starting in Fall 2022, UNI will accept the AA degree as satisfying all general education requirements, including the Non-Western Cultures requirement. Students who complete the AA degree and plan to transfer to UNI in Fall 2022 or after will not need the Non-Western Cultures course.

If the AA degree is completed from DMACC, the PE requirement is waived. If the AA degree is not from DMACC, a degree audit must be completed to determine if any program requirements are unfulfilled and which requirements will need to be completed before the student enters the program. UNI does not accept an AA degree from out of state as meeting the UNI Liberal Arts Core requirements.

NOTE: Having an AA degree is NOT a guarantee that you have met all requirements for the Elementary Education program.

For information on UNI's Teacher Education Program admission requirements, please visit UNI's ​Teacher Education website​.​

Students must have completed their science classes prior to taking 820:140, the capstone class.

A GPA of 2.5 or higher is required in order to enter the Elementary Education Program. This applies to the coursework completed at DMACC and any other colleges or universities.