Program Requirements

Program Entry Requirements

  1. Complete an application for admission.
  2. Attend required Surgical Technology information session—contact advisor for dates.
  3. Satisfy DMACC's assessment requirement.
  4. Satisfy ATI TEAS assessment requirement.
  5. Submit evidence of grade "C" or better in one year of high school biology or equivalent (DMACC Academic Achievement Center Biology I & II or BIO 156 Human Biology w/lab).
  6. Submit proof of high school graduation or GED prior to enrollment.
  7. Submit evidence of grade "C" or better in BIO 186 Microbiology or BIO 732 Health Science Microbiology.
  8. Submit evidence of grade "C" or better in BIO 733 Health Science Anatomy AND BIO 734 Health Science Physiology OR BIO 168 Anatomy & Physiology I AND BIO 173 Anatomy & Physiology II.

Students start Fall term.

Graduation Requirements

To earn a Surgical Technology diploma, a student must complete all course work as prescribed in Terms 1-3 and have a "C" or better in all Surgical Technology courses and support courses.

In order to progress to the next term, these courses must be successfully completed in the term identified or in a previous term.