Career Information

​What Kind of Work Will You Do?

​The surgical technologist is responsible for preparing the instrumentation and supplies needed for surgical procedures. The surgical technologist will be accountable for, and pass all instruments, medications, suture, and supplies to the surgical team. The surgical technologist and the circulator (Registered Nurse) are together responsible for all counts in the operating room. 

What Skills and Abilities Will You Need?

•    Understanding patient needs and safety.
•    Perform activities in an organized, detailed, and efficient manner.
•    The ability to perform in a high-stress and life-threatening environment.
•    Apply knowledge from biological and social sciences.
•    Good critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
•    Knowledge of surgical instrumentation, equipment, and procedures

What Else Should I Consider about this Program or Career Choice?

•    Good communication skills are necessary to work with a variety of patients and staff.
•    Surgical technologists work with patients’ blood and body fluids.
•    Surgical technologists will stand and walk most of their shift.
•    Students will not receive pay or be working as a surgical technologist during the program. 

    ​The DMACC Surgical Technology Program is CAAHEP accredited:

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