Entry Requirements

​​General Admission Requirements

Program Course Requirements

Math Requirement

Grade “C” or above in:

  • MAT 073 - Elementary Algebra II, or
  • MAT 121 - College Algebra

Chemistry Requirement

Grade “C” or above in: 

  • CHM 165 - General Chemistry I, or
  • CHM 122 - Intro to General Chemistry

Anatomy/Physiology Requirement

Grade “C” or above in: 

  • BIO 168 - Anatomy/Physiology I and BIO 173 - Anatomy/Physiology II, or
  • BIO 164 - Essentials Anatomy/Physiology

Graduation Requirements

To earn a Respiratory Therapy AAS degree, a student must complete all coursework as prescribed and maintain a 2.0 grade point average. A minimum of grade “C” or above is required in all RCP courses.