About This Program

  • New students are accepted each fall semester.

  • The program requires a firm understanding of basic math.

  • Health records must be current to attend clinic.

  • Background Check could limit program completion

  • Learning opportunities include a simulation Center, 900+ hours of clinic at area healthcare facilities, didactic learning and lab learning

  • The first semester is heavy in didactic and laboratory learning. Clinic rotations start the second semester of the program. Semesters 3, 4, 5 and 6 include 2 days a week of clinic and 2-3 mornings a week of class.

  • The large majority of Respiratory Therapy classes are during the morning hours.

  • There is a significant amount of learning time required outside of scheduled class and clinic time.

  • Students are supervised by licensed respiratory therapist during clinic rotations. During clinic hours, students are expected to perform skills that have been previously learned in respiratory courses.​