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 Pharmacy Podcast

The #pharmacyfutureleaders segment of the Pharmacy Podcast highlights final year pharmacy students, pharmacy residents, and new pharmacist practitioners. The podcast helps show students interested in the pharmacy profession not only what pharmacy careers are available, but delivers scholarship and career advice in exciting jobs from new students and graduates that are fulfilling their dreams now. If you’re interested in being a part of the pharmacy podcast, contact the podcast host and DMACC instructor Tony Guerra on Twitter at @tony_pharmd or at

Pharmacy Podcast - Kelly Roach, Business Growth Strategist

Pharmacy Podcast - Christine Dimaculangan, USciences, Philadelphia College of Pharmacy



Pharmacy Podcast - Sunish Shah, USciences, Philadelphia College of Pharmacy

Pharmacy Podcast - Tim Baker, United States Military Academy



Pharmacy Podcast - Allie Jo Shipman, Mercer University College of Pharmacy



Pharmacy Podcast - Nikolaus Lawson, Campbell University College of Pharmacy


​Pharmacy Podcast - Kevin Yee, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy



​Pharmacy Podcast - Sara Vande Walle, University of Minnesota



Pharmacy Podcast - Lindsay Case, University of Colorado College of Pharmacy



​Past Podcasts