DMACC's Liberal Arts, Associate of Arts and Associate of Science degrees provide the flexibility and opportunity to get a solid start on your four-year degree in Law while earning an associate degree.

DMACC Core Courses
ENG 105 Composition I 3 credits
SPC101 Oral Communication 3 credits
ART101 Art Appreciation 3 credits
MUS100 Music Appreciation 3 credits
MAT121 College Algebra 3 credits
ENG106 Composition II 3 credits
PSY111 Intro. to Psychology 3 credits
ECN120 Principles of Macroeconomics 3 credits
ECN130 Principles of Microeconomics 3 credits
BIO104 Intro. Biology w/ Lab 3 credits
SPC126 Interpersonal Communication 3 credits
DMACC Law Courses
POL111 American National Gov. 3 credits
POL112 State and Local Gov. 3 credits
POL121 International Relations 3 credits
POL127 News/Media Electoral Pol. 3 credits
POL125 Comparative Gov. & Politics 3 credits
CRJ100 Intro. to Criminal Justice 3 credits
CRJ130 Criminal Law 3 credits