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Des Moines Area Community College's Liberal Arts Associate of Arts and Associate of Science degrees provide the flexibility and opportunity to get a solid start on your four-year degree in Dentistry while earning an associate degree.

The field of Dentistry includes a wide range of opportunities for people who are interested in becoming a dentist. DMACC's class sizes are often smaller than those at colleges and universities that offer dental programs, providing a high level of support while building the foundation for your academic and professional career.

DMACC Core Courses
ENG 105 Composition I 3 credits
SPC 101 Fundamentals of Oral Communication 3 credits
BIO 250 Cell and Molecular Biology* 5 credits
BIO 251 Cell and Molecular Biology* 5 credits
MAT 130 Trigonometry 3 credits
PSY 111 General Psychology* 3 credits
PHI 101 Introduction to Philosophy 3 credits
Dental Core
CHM 165 General Chemistry I 4 credits
CHM 175 General Chemistry II 4 credits
CHM 263 Organic Chemistry I 4 credits
CHM 273 Organic Chemistry II 4 credits
BIO 112 General Biology 4 credits
BIO 113 General Biology II 4 credits
PHY 162 College Physics I 4 credits
PHY 172 College Physics II 4 credits
Associate of Arts Degree Requirements
Communication 9 credits
Social Science 9 credits
Math and Science 9 credits
Humanities 9 credits
Distributive Requirements 12 credits
Electives 16 credits
64 credits

* Courses are highly recommended at University of Iowa.

Students will be required to have a GPA of 3.6 cumulative to be considered to the College of Dentistry at University of Iowa.

Students will be required to take the DAT (Dental Admissions Test) as part of their admission into dental school at the end of the sophomore year. As part of the prep ​professional program, DMACC offers the required courses for admission into the University of Iowa dental school. A student must take 8 semester hours of Physics, 16 semester hours in Chemistry and 8 semester hours in Biology.

DMACC Advisor Kris Olds