Hear from our students and partner colleges about DMACC's Pre-Education Program.​

Marc Renning

2+2 Program Coordinator, University of Northern Iowa
While the UNI/DMACC 2+2 partnership, formed over 20 years ago, has seen some changes during its history, one characteristic has remained constant, the preparedness of the DMACC students entering the 2+2 Program. Through incorporating high standards, developing rigorous course competencies, and holding students to a high expectations, DMACC faculty and courses allow students to transfer to the nationally acclaimed education program at the University of Northern Iowa with a high degree of success. DMACC students are well prepared for the extensive requirements UNI faculty expect in their numerous courses and field experiences. As 2+2 Program Coordinator, I am confident DMACC will continue to send Elementary Education majors to the 2+2 Program that are professional and have a great understanding of what it means to be a college student at the University of Northern Iowa!!

Jodi Grover

Teaching Educator Coordinator, Upper Iowa University, West Des Moines Campus
Many of our students have taken and/or are enrolled in education courses through DMACC. The quality of education courses, availability, and cost have been valuable to our students. If a student transfers to Upper Iowa University and has taken education courses at DMACC, I know student can “hit the ground running” with our program due to the high expectations for their education courses.