STEM in Education

DMACC provides Pre-Education students with various STEM opportunities.

DMACC STEM Certificate

  • Students take an additional 10 credit hours in Science and Math courses or nine credits in Education courses
  • Students attend two STEM seminars hosted by the DMACC Education Department
  • Students receive STEM Certificate at Commencement
  • Transfer: Students may use this certificate as verification of enhanced training in STEM when transferring to any four-year college or university.

DMACC/Drake University STEM Certificate Initiative

As part of the State-wide initiative to encourage more STEM training for educators, the education programs at DMACC and Drake have joined together to offer the STEM Certificate Initiative. This initiative is open to students enrolled in pre-education at DMACC and interested in completing their Elementary Education degree through Drake University's Teacher Education Program.


  • DMACC hosts several STEM seminars throughout the academic year for pre-education students.
  • Presenters provide students with current practices in STEM activities and Collaboration opportunities within the community.
  • For additional information click here.


The Dorothy A. Wyant Elementary Education Scholarship is available for students seeking a STEM certificate through DMACC. This scholarship provides tuition reimbursement for additional coursework in education, math, and science. See more information for the scholarship located under Grants and Scholarships (coming soon).

STEM in Education