Program Course Offerings

DMACC's Liberal Arts Associate in Arts and Associate in Science degrees provide the flexibility and opportunity to get a solid start on your four-year degree in Education while earning an Associate degree.

To become a teacher, a student must graduate from an accredited teacher training institution. Students attend DMACC and then transfer to a public or private college to complete a teacher education program.

DMACC Core Courses
ENG 105 Composition I 3 credits
ENG 106 Composition II 3 credits
SPC 101 Fundamentals of Oral Communication*3 credits
PSY 111 Introduction to Psychology 3 credits
PSY 121 Developmental Psychology 3 credits
PSY 251 Social Psychology 3 credits
SOC 120 Marriage & Family 3 credits
MAT 114 Elementary Educators Math I3credits
MAT 116 Elementary Educators Math II3credits
DMACC Education Courses
EDU 213 Introduction to Education* 3 credits
EDU 218 Initial Field Experience 2 credits
EDU 245 Exceptional Learner* 3 credits
PSY 281 Educational Psychology 3 credits
LIT 105 Children's Literature 3 credits
ART 102 Arts for Elementary Education 3 credits
DRA 147 Creative Drama School/Rec 3 credits
ECE 170 Early Childhood Development 3 credits

*It is recommended that students complete SPC 101 and either EDU 213 or EDU 245 as part of a DMACC Learning Community Block.

Additional Information:

  1. The prerequisite for EDU 218 is a 2.0 GPA, EDU 213, and instructional approval.
  2. Individual DMACC transfer planning sheets are available that are tailored for Drake University, Grand View University, Iowa State University, University of Northern Iowa, Simpson College and Upper Iowa University.
  3. Praxis, C-Base or other tests must be passed before being accepted into any teacher college in Iowa. Take this test by fall of your sophomore year.
  4. Check with your transfer institution on specific requirements.

Please contact Patsy Steffen, Education Department Program Chair, at or 515-965-7048 for additional information.