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NLNAC -accrediting agency

Iowa Board of Nursing - approval agency

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LPN - Licensed Practical Nurse

What do LPNs do?

Where do LPNs work?

Job outlook and salaries for LPNs

Training programs for LPNs

What is the difference between an LPN and an RN?

RN - Registered Nurse

Where do RNs work?

What do RNs do?

Job outlook and salaries for RNs

Training programs for RNs

Advanced Specialties


AACN: Nursing Shortage Fact Sheet

American Nurses Association

Discover Nursing

National Federation of Licensed Practical Nurses, Inc

Nursing Spectrum: list of nursing career specialties

About This Program

Program Overview - diagram of program pathways

Academic Standards - plus restart diagrams

Outcomes -for Practical Nursing (PN) and Associate Degree Nursing (ADN)


I am a high school graduate - or will be soon

I am an LPN and want to become an RN

I want to earn a Bachelor's of Science in Nursing (BSN)

My Nursing license was denied, suspended, surrendered or revoked

Full-time program options - Ankeny, Boone, Carroll and Newton Campus

Evening program option - Urban/Des Moines Campus

SampleEvening Schedule

Program Contact

Who to contact for what questions?

Names and contact information.

Campus Contacts

Instructors & Staff

Ankeny Nursing

Boone Nursing

Carroll Nursing

Newton Nursing

Faculty Orientation


Planning for a Major in Nursing - Do you have what it takes?

Skills and Abilities

Recommended High School Courses

What do you need to know before you enter Nursing School?

Reality Check - a letter from the Director of Nursing Education

Planning Ahead - Strategies for Success from the National Student Nurses Association

If nursing doesn't match your goals, DMACC offers 10 other career education programs.

Program Entry Requirements

Practical Nursing/Associate Degree Nursing

Application Check list.pdf plus What to do while you wait

Information Sessions - schedule

TEAS-V Fact Sheet for Students

TEAS-V Schedule

PN to ADN Assessment Test - Fact Sheet for Students

PN to ADN Assessment Test Schedule

Advanced Standing/Associate Degree Nursing

Application Check List Adv Standing

How to Apply

Health Requirements

Health and Immunization Records

CPR Requirements

Graduation Requirements


Graduation Application - why you must apply

Graduates looking for a job?

Policies - Student Handbook


Progression.pdf - diagram of order in which courses are taken

Pre-Nursing Curriculum

Practical Nursing Curriculum

Associate Degree Nursing Curriculum

Advanced Standing Associate Degree Nursing (LPN to RN)

Course Descriptions

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Advanced Standing

CNA Requirement

CPR Certification

Criminal Background Checks

General Information - including links to campus maps

Getting Into The Program

Health Requirements

The Waiting List

Transfer Students

Scholarship Resources