Entry Checklist

Follow the checklist for the Associate Degree Nursing Program Stand Alone Program. This page gives you a quick overview.

1. Apply to DMACC

  1. Complete DMACC Application and select "Nursing (RN) - AAS" as your major.
  2. Attend required Nursing Information Session
  3. Submit proof of high school graduation, GED/HiSET or equivalent.
  4. Assessments (taken within the last five years)
    • ACT composite score of 20 or greater OR
    • COMPASS Scores of at least 81 in Reading, 70 in Writing and 46 in Algebra AND
    • Complete ALEKS Math Assessment to determine math skill level

2. Take Required Courses

  1. 120 hour minimum State of Iowa approved CNA program or equivalent (includes Basic and Advanced e.g. HSC 172 and HSC 182)
    Required: A transcript of your course grade form a state-approved program or certificate of completion displaying a "T" number will serve as verification. More CNA information
  2.  Nurse Aide written (NRA0858) and skills (NRA0859) tests for placement on Direct Care Worker Registry.
    Required: A transcript indicating you passed both tests (or a registry card) will serve as verification.
  3. Classes (grade of "C" or better - not C-)
    • Anatomy & Physiology I (Bio 168 or equivalent)*
    • Introduction to Chemistry (CHM 122)*
    • Introductory Biology w/lab (BIO 104)*
    • College Algebra (MAT 121) or Statistics (MAT157) or equivalent
    • Introduction to Psychology (PSY 111) or equivalent

*Science courses must have been completed no more than 5 years prior to placement in the nursing wait list. This Five Year Rule may be waived if ATI TEAS Science score is 50% or greater.

Minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75 in Required Courses (see below). CNA course grades are not included in the required minimum GPA.

Note: courses may be in progress when application is submitted.

3. Take ATI TEAS: Nursing Program Admissions Test

Only three attempts are allowed. Adjusted individual scores are:

    • Reading score of 71.0% or greater
    • Mathematics Score of 65.3% or greater
    • English and Language Usage score of 62.0% or greater
    • Science score of 33.3% or greater

4. Acceptance Getting Ready for Classes

Once all entry requirements are met, you will be accepted into the program**.

Before classes start you must:

  1. Attend required Nursing Registration Session and
  2. Attend required Nursing Orientation Session

These are by invitation only - you will receive a letter or email advising you of these dates.

Wait Lists**

There is a chance you may be placed on the "Standby" wait list. (Note: not all campuses have a wait list).

If you are placed on the "Standby" wait list:

  • When a seat becomes available, you will be notified by DMACC Admissions.
  • Note: If your contact information changes while you are waiting, notify DMACC Admissions immediately.
  • You do not need to be enrolled at DMACC to maintain your place on the waiting list.
    Click here to see how you can work on DMACC credits while you wait. (link to new page)