The DMACC Difference

Practical Embalming Experience

  • Each student will participate in a weekly embalming clinical arranged through a funeral home. During this clinical, the student will participate in Embalming, Transfer of Remains, Cosmetics, and Casketing of Human Remains under the direct supervision of a licensed funeral director.

Practical Funeral Directing Experience

  • Each student will participate in a variety of funeral home activities to include: Setting up a Visitation Room for different religious groups or non-religious groups; completing the required paperwork (including death certificates); making transfers of remains; completing obituaries and register books; learning to use technology in the profession; and conducting funeral and graveside services.

Practicum Experience

  • In addition to the practical experience gained through the embalming clinicals, each student will complete a Practicum, similar to an internship under the direct supervision of a licensed funeral director. During this time, the student will participate in embalming and funeral directing experiences, which will include all aspects of the profession.

Online (Distance Learning) Options

  • The DMACC Mortuary Science program offers both an online option and a traditional option.
  • The online option is designed for students who are working in a funeral home and is detailed in the Online Option page.
  • The traditional option utilizes a combination of traditional classes taught on campus and online resources. This blended approach is an effort to minimize the number of trips a student may need to make onto campus, and allow for more work time and less commute time. To read more information about this blended approach, please visit the About the Program page on the Program website.
  • In addition the program utilizes electronic learning objects which can be used in traditional classes as well as online courses. To view examples click on either link below.