Current Students

What is the program Curriculum?
The curriculum can be found at Curriculum.

How much is the program going to cost?
We have put together an estimate for the entire program and it is contained on the 4th page of the Program Details.  The total is comprised of tuition and technology fees, textbooks, a Hepatitis B Vaccination (which you may have already taken or may take on campus for less cost), the National Board Exam (which is paid directly to the International Conference of Funeral Service Examining Boards), and Mortuary Science Fees.

Are there any Scholarships?
Yes. There are a variety of scholarships available for students in the program. Many of them require the student to be enrolled and attending prior to being awarded, but others may be awarded prior to enrollment in the program. A list of the scholarships we are aware of can be found on the Scholarships page.

Do you offer Financial Aid?
Yes, DMACC participates in financial aid opportunities. Those are located at the DMACC Financial Aid website.

How many Textbooks will I need, and where do I get them?
To aid students in finding the correct textbooks, we have compiled a summary of many of the course Textbooks for the program. While the list is generally correct, there are times when the publisher changes editions or books are discontinued. If that occurs, we will attempt to change this page as quickly as possible. You may purchase the books from any source you wish. The DMACC bookstore will always have the current edition available at the DMACC bookstore website.

Once on this page, click on the Ankeny Campus and follow the prompts to the Mortuary Science program books.

I hear I can do this Online?
DMACC does offer the option to complete the Mortuary Science Program in a Funeral Home based option.
This option is designed for those working in a funeral home while going to school. It will require students to complete professional activities in the funeral home with a licensed funeral director, complete work online, attend regularly scheduled online office hours, and travel to the Ankeny, Iowa campus periodically. To read more details, please visit our Funeral Home Based Option page.

See announcement: Accreditation required visit and fee.

What will my Schedule be like?
The Iowa Department of Education requires that a student be able to complete the program in 12 months. We realize that this schedule may be more intense than some students desire. To accommodate those who wish to complete quickly and those who wish to take a more moderate schedule, we have 2 options: the 3 semester and 4 semester options. To see those options, please visit our Schedule page.

How do I register for classes?
The Registration process is accomplished through the Advising department of the college and is generally part of the orientation prior to the first semester. Go to the registration information page for more information. During subsequent semesters, the program chair will notify students at the time they are to register for the next semester, and will provide the students with the course numbers for which they should register.

When do I get a break?
The DMACC Academic Calendar is followed for the semesters (with the exception that some Mortuary Science courses are only offered during the 2 week break between semesters in May).

How do I become Licensed after I graduate?
Our Licensure page outlines the process you will follow to become licensed as a funeral director.

Now where do I look for a job?

Our Job Openings page contains a listing of any positions we have been informed about from funeral directors.

Do you require Practical experience in the funeral home?

The DMACC Mortuary Science program uses a combination of practical experiences in the funeral home or on campus during the program in addition to a Practicum course at the conclusion of the program. See the Practicum course description under the curriculum, and be sure to review our Practicum visit requirement.