​​Note, to be admitted into the program, you must have earned an Associate Degree (AA, AS, AAS, AGS) or show evidence of having earned a minimum of 64 credits from a regionally accredited college or university with a grade average of "C" or above. In either case, a minimum of 15 of the credits earned must be in general education that includes one communications course, one mathematics or science course, and one social and behavioral science or humanities course.

To see a list of courses which meet the General Education requirements, click on the following links:

Students may complete BIO 733 or 164 Anatomy prior to the first semester of Mortuary Science courses. If not, the student should plan to take BIO 733 or 164 during their first semester in the program. If completed prior to the first semester, the student will essentially reduce their first semester course work. Because BIO 733 or BIO 164 is required within the program, it will not be counted toward the 15 credits of general education courses required for admission.

Mortuary Science Anatomy Courses

* DMACC does not offer any anatomy courses in the online format. Students in the Funeral Home-Based (Online) Option will need to take Anatomy on-campus or at another institution. If you are looking for an online course, we suggest you take BIO 161 at Indian Hills Community College.

Required Courses

Course # Course NameCredits
BIO 733 or 164 Anatomy Requirement 3 or 5
MOR 215 Funeral Law I3
MOR 301 Introduction to Funeral Service1
MOR 302 Cremation Services3
MOR 315 Funeral Law II3
MOR 320 Thanatology3
MOR 325 Funeral Directing3
MOR 326 Funeral Home Operations1
MOR 330 Funeral Merchandising3
MOR 331 Funeral Home Management2
MOR 335 Embalming I3
MOR 336 Embalming I Clinical 1
MOR 340 Embalming II3
MOR 341 Embalming II Clinical 1
MOR 345 Restorative Art3
MOR 346 Restorative Art Lab 1
MOR 365 Survey of Infectious Disease2
MOR 366 Funeral Pathology2
MOR 390 Professional Review2
MOR 941 Funeral Services Practicum4
Minimum total credits required to complete this program46

National Board Examination:

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