Program Fees

​This page gives you a breakdown of the fees charged within the Mortuary Science Program.

These fees are in addition to the DMACC tuition and fees.

They are already included in the estimated costs on the Mortuary Science Loading...Mortuary Science-Advanced Standing Diploma.

All fees are re-evaluated each year by adding up the expenses from the prior two years and dividing by the number of students who were served.

MOR 301 - Introduction to Funeral Service
$250 - Funeral Home Site Visit Fee

The accrediting body requires that prior to your educational experience, we must have a DMACC representative visit any funeral home where you will be accomplishing any portion of the program.
For our online students this is the funeral home with which you are affiliated.
For our on-campus students this includes any funeral home or facility at which the student complete any activities, which includes the Des Moines area funeral homes as well as any funeral homes utilized which are not one of our clinical sites. It also includes the visit prior to the practicum course later in the program.

MOR 324 - Funeral Home Operations I

$50 - Supply Fee

During this course, students will complete register books, folders, prayer cards, etc. The fee covers the cost of the paper products and software licensing for the students.

MOR 334 - Funeral Home Operations II
$80 – Arranger Training Fee

During this course, students will participate in an Arranger Training Session offered by the National Funeral Directors Association. The fee will be paid to the NFDA on your behalf as a Cash Advance with no additional charge by DMACC. The fee covers the cost of the materials, guest instructor, and expenses for the training.

MOR 336 - Embalming I Clinical
$250 - Clinical Supplies, mailing and faculty travel

This fee covers the cost of the following items which are provided to each student to ensure you are safe during embalming experiences: scrubs, duffle bag to carry the supplies, gloves, face shields, gowns, shoe covers, head covers, face masks, and travel expense to pay for faculty to travel to funeral homes in the Des Moines area.

MOR 940 - Funeral Service Capstone
$75​ - Lab supplies

This fee includes the cost of purchasing or replacing lab supplies (wax and instruments)

MOR 390 - Professional Review
$120 - Practice National Board Exam Fee

This fee is to purchase vouchers for each student to take the Practice National Board Exam which is created and administered by the International Conference of Funeral Service Examining Boards