Proctored Exams

Proctored Exam Information

On-campus students will take the exam in the Mortuary Science classroom, Ankeny campus, Building 17 - Room 16.

Online students are required to take the Final Exam at: 

  • One of the DMACC Testing Centers
  • A testing center at a college or university - Options can be found at
  • Your home utilizing the Proctor U services

Each student taking an online course must complete the Proctor Request form by 8:00 a.m. on the fifth day of the term.

Students will need to complete this form EACH AND EVERY semester in which you have an online course.  Please note that if any information is missing (like the name of the proctor, the email address of the proctor or any other items) your passwords will not be sent to the proctor.

We require the students utilize the most recent version of Firefox for the exams.

1. Proctor U Option

In summary, this option allows students to take the exam at their home, or anywhere for that matter.

Complete details can be found here:   Proctor U

To complete the exam, you will connect to the Proctor U website. They will have your password and will monitor you during the exam. The way they do it is very similar to the National Board Examination. You must have a camera for the computer, and if it is a laptop, you will also need a mirror or CD that has a mirror surface on the back. They will introduce themselves as your proctor and ask you to lean forward to take a picture, show a photo ID, then using the camera you will do an environmental scan of the area to demonstrate you do not have notes out. They will then monitor both your eye movements and your computer screen during your exam. If at some point in time they feel you have been looking at something other than the computer, they will ask you to use your camera to show them that area. All of the camera and screen items are recorded and if they suspect anything, they will forward it to the instructor to make a decision.

One of the best features is that they are open 24 hours a day, so if you wish, you can take your exam at 2:00 am.

They charge $17.50 per 60 minute exam, which seems to be in line with some of the testing centers we have utilized in the past. We are limiting our exams to 60 minutes to remain at this fee level rather than going up by $8.75 per 30 minutes.  If you make the appointment for the exam on less than 72 hours notice, they charge an additional $5.00 fee.

2.  Testing Centers

The testing center must be a community college or university which can provide a quiet testing area with a computer that has internet access. If you are have trouble finding a testing center, you may use this link:

The testing center may charge a fee, but that is up to each individual testing center. If they charge a fee, the student will be responsible for the fee.